Defects Work Like Waves

A very interested approach. Worth checking out as a different perspective on both dislocation defects and waves.

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In crystals one of the more common defects is that of the dislocation. This is where there is an irregularity in the crystal structure such as the two demonstrated here.

A screw dislocation (thank you to Wikityke on Wikipedia for this image)

An edge dislocation (also by Wikityke)

Both of these would be defined as line defects as as whole rows of atoms have been put out of place in these structures. The line of dislocation, more clearly existing and drawn in blue for the edge dislocation is where the displacement is most severe. These defects can act to either strenghen or weaken the crystal in which they exist.

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One thought on “Defects Work Like Waves”

  1. Thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I have to say, your section on path integrals was particularly helpful to me. I had formally studied it, but only knew it as more of a mathematical instruction rather than actually understanding the process I was performing.

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